About Janssen Piano Tuning & Services

Janssen Piano Services has been tuning and repairing pianos in Newnan, Peachtree City, Fayetteville and surrounding areas for five years. My name is Peter Janssen, and I am the owner and primary piano technician for Janssen Piano services. I have been in the music industry since age 13 as a performer, a concert master, a music teacher and now a piano tuner/technician.

I hold a masters degree in Engineering and a degree in trumpet and low brass performance. Both contribute to my skill as a piano tuner/technician. My engineering background and experience enhances my ability to recognize the cause and effect relationships inherent in the mechanical workings of the piano. My experience as a musician and concert master gives me that understanding of the relationship between the artist and instrument. I relate easily to each pianist’s individual artistic expression and how the piano tuning contributes to that artistry.

I have performed throughout Europe with various symphonic concert brass bands. I was the concert master of The Fanfare, a renowned brass symphonic band which was founded 155 years ago. 

When I immigrated to the United States, my wife and I settled in Michigan where I taught privately and at the Mt. Clemens Arts Consortium. I also continued to play both as a soloist and with the St. Clair Shores Symphony Orchestra.

Moving to Georgia, I completed my formal education in piano technology. My training and experience includes piano tuning (both aural and machine), pitch correction, regulation, voicing, rebuilding and repair. I have built pianos from the case out, repairing the sound board, pin block, refinishing the case, restringing and replacing or repairing the parts (all 12,000 of them) and even reconstructing missing structural parts.

I am an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild. The Guild promotes high standards of business and professional ethics. I regularly attend professional seminars, meetings, workshops, and conferences. I attend instructional meetings by major piano manufacturers. Continuing education is an important part of my professional ethic.

The hallmark of my business is uncompromising quality. My goal is to enhance the pleasure of the pianist in terms of sound, touch and playability of the piano. No matter what the age, condition, brand, or model, each piano has a voice. And my goal is to optimize that voice through the piano tuning.

My fiancée and I recently moved to Peachtree City along with our pampered and grateful rescued pets, Zestenen Ernesto Hemmingway, Beau Chat, Zoë, and Sadie. Some of the names reflect my European heritage. And on that note, for those customers who wish, besides English, I also speak fluent German, Nederlands (Dutch), and Flemish. I speak passable French and, if by chance you are from the southeastern part of the Netherlands, we can converse in Venloos, the local dialect.

Although born and raised in Europe, I am proud to say that I am an American. On January 4, 2007, I accepted the honor and the responsibility of American citizenship. It is a responsibility I take seriously.

Piano tuning and technology is the culmination of my education and experience which I bring to my customers in Newnan, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Carrollton, Douglasville, and LaGrange, Georgia.

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